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RGB convertor 5V ADD-RGB to 12V ARGB Transfer Hub Fan Hub Control 4PWM Fan Speed Supports Fan with 3Pin/4Pin Cooling


  • Compatible with Multiple RGB Connectors-Compatible with the 3PIN interface RGB products of mainstream M/B brands like ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI.
  • Excellent-1 to 8 splitter 8 way 4-pin PWM fan power supply extension hub, it provide a better power supply solution for atx PC computer case internal motherboard cooling fans & cpu fans.
  • RGB convertor Powered by SATA-Voltage transformer within 5V to 12V RGB Transfer Hub powered by SATA.
  • 5V ADD-RGB equipment can be compatible with 12V RGB motherboard via the convertor, to achieve synchronous lighting compatibility. (Rainbow and breathing mode for some motherboard models are not compatible).
  • Please be kindly noted that this 10 splitter pc case fan hub need to be connected with the 15-pin SATA power supply cable; And the PWM interface should be connected to CPU_FAN port on the motherboard with the dedicated cable in the package.

EZDIY-FAB RGB Converter, 12V RGB to 5V ARGB Transfer Hub with 3-Way Splitter, Motherboard with 12V 4-pin Header can Control 5V ADD-RGB Products, Built-in 50 Color Modes


  • Mini Control box with built-in 50 color modes, or Holding mode button to sync with 12V RGB Motherboard
  • ONLY could sync with 12V RGB motherboard. The signal numbers of 12V RGB and 5V ARGB of different motherboards will be slightly different. On some motherboards, some RGB mixed colors may not be displayed correctly (such as orange, yellow), and the color of the LED does not change smoothly in cycle color mode.
  • Included 3-way splitter, could extension with more ARGB devices
  • Voltage transformer from 12 to 5V, powered by SATA
  • The signal codes of 12V RGB and 5V ARGB of different motherboards will be slightly different. On some motherboards, few RGB mixed colors may not be displayed correctly (such as orange, yellow), and the color of the LED does not change smoothly in cycle color mode.

These argb transfer hub Products Are Suitable For Different Groups Of People

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12V 4Pin PWM & 5V 3Pin ARGB with SATA 15Pin Power 2-in-1 Hub 6 Way Sync CPU Cooling Fan Addressable RGB Lighting PCB Splitter for Extended Motherboard Interface -Black


  • This is ARGB PWM 2-in-1 6 way hub. Up to 6 sets of Addressable RGB (5V 3pin) plugs and PWM (12V 4pin) plugs to meet your needs of connecting more devices. Support simultaneous startup of 6 way fans, ARGB is all synced between all fans, one setting applies to all fans (speed and color).
  • This CPU Cooling SATA Hub is powered by SATA 15PIN, which can simultaneously supply power to the fan and 5V 3 pin ARGB products. The motherboard has no power supply burden and can maintain a stable output even at full load.
  • The ARGB of this hub is 5V 3-pin. This type of fan can control a single lamp bead, and realize the effects of running water lamp, splicing and displaying text patterns through programming. Only compatible with 3pin 5V addressable RGB headers or controllers, don’t connect to 12V RGB components, otherwise it might burn out.
  • The black hub is perfectly integrated with chassis. Mini and compact, which effectively saves your space, makes cable management easier, and the inside of the chassis is tidy. The adhesive on the back can be used to fix the hub in the chassis, tool-free installation, and not easy to drop.
  • The PWM ARGB hub is equipped with two connecting cables. Both length of the wires is 53 cm. The red port on the hub is a professional port for the CPU fan. Gold-plated pins, solid materials, strong and durable.

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Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller: Universal Compatibility – 6 Addressable RGB Headers – Powered by Razer Chroma RGB – Supported by Razer Synapse 3 – SSD Mounting Points


  • Universal Compatibility: Works with any RGB device that uses a standard 3-pin 5V addressable connector — LED strips, fans, CPU coolers, PC cases, and more
  • 6 Addressable RGB Headers: With each port supporting up to 80 LEDs, this device enables more intricate lighting setups and acts as a hub for multiple ARGB-compatible devices
  • Powered by Razer Chroma RGB: With access to 16.8 million colors and a suite of lighting effects, apply your preferred settings and watch your PC work seamlessly with over 150 games and 500 devices across more than 40 partners
  • Supported by Razer Synapse 3: Customize all of your ARGB components on one efficient platform
  • SSD Mounting Points or 3M Double-Sided Tape: Securely attach it within your PC case

novonest Fan Hub,12V 4PIN to 5V 3PIN Addressable RGB Fan Controller with SATA Interface Power Input,Support PWM 4PIN,Comes with Reset Button Line,Up to 14 Fans,FH14-12V


  • 【12V to 5V ARGB Conversion Hub】Convert 4-pin (+12V) RGB motherboard to support 3-pin (+5V) ARGB fan to achieve lighting synchronization and create a colorful rainbow chassis effect.
  • 【FAN1 Detection Function】The Fan Hub FAN1 connector has a detection function to identify PWM, extract the PWM signal and feed back the fan speed to the motherboard.
  • 【Extended connection】The fan hub shares a SATA power port and supports the connection of 6*PWM fans (each port contains PWM function, adjustable speed), 8*5V 3PIN ARGB fans (mainboard control lighting effects), realizes up to 14 fans running.
  • 【Power Input】Directly supply power through the stable SATA connection with the system PSU, which is convenient for access, ensuring stability and reliability, and preventing stray current.
  • 【Small installation design】Square and compact design, small size and easy to install, and use double-sided tape can be easily installed on the back of the PC case,saving space and making the wires more tidy.

COOLERMASTER PWM HUB,6 Ports for Addressable RGB Lighting with PWM,1 to 6 Multi Way Magnetic backplane Splitter 5V/3PIN RGB Case Fan Hub Adapter PWM ARGB Addressble Fan


  • Cooler Master 1 To 6 Multi Way Splitter 5V/3PIN RGB Case Fan Hub Adapter PWM ARGB Addressble Fan Power interface SATA
  • MULTI CONNECTION: Up to 6 sets of Addressable RGB (3-pin) headers and PWM headers to meet your needs of connecting more devices.
  • BUILT-IN MAGNET: This compact HUB easily fits inside your case. It can attach to any metallic surface with built-in magnets.
  • SPACE SAVING: It will save your space effectively and make the cable management easier, and make the inside case neat and tidy.SATA POWER: Even with full loaded, it still can maintain stable output.
  • Special note: When using the connection to the product interface, please note that the requirements are required as required, otherwise the device will result in damage.

Functional argb transfer hub product is useful

Functional argb transfer hub products are designed to serve their purpose well without any gimmicks or unneeded features that may not suit your needs.

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upHere 7-Port 4PIN SATA PWM 5V 3PIN ADDRESSABLE RGB Fan Hub/Splitter for 4-Pin & 3-Pin Case Fans in Black-P7PRGB


  • 01.upHere ARGB PWM Fan Hub – Supports up to 7 Fans (3PIN/PWM 4PIN/5V 3PIN ARGB)), Occupying only One 4-pin M/B FAN Header (System Fan or CPU Fan)and One 5V 3-pin ARGB Header.
  • 02.upHere P7P Fan hub provides individually addressable RGB lighting with software control for unique lighting effects and colors.5V ARGB Header Compatible with Asus Aura, ASRock RGB, GIGABYTE and MSI RGB.
  • 03.Capable of connecting to 7 PC fans simultaneously for cooling the computer system. Each port has its own PWM function and the fan speed can be adjustedat the same time. The Fan hub draw the PWM signal from motherboard and feedback fan speed to the motherboard and draw an ARGB signal from this cable (only the speed of Fan 1 can be identified by the system.)
  • 04.Powered by system PSU Sata connection to ensure 12V stable power for up to 7 fans.
  • 05.Easy and Quick Installation with a Compact Design, upHere P7P Fan hub allows you to easily attach on the back of the PC case using pre-installed double-sided tape.

Thermaltake TT Sync SATA Powered 9 Port Addressable LED Controller TT Premium Edition (Compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic Light Sync) CL-O015-PL00BL-A,1 Pack


  • SYNC THERMALTKAE PLUS PRODUCT WITH 5V HEADER RGB MOTHERBOARD : Control the lights of Thermaltake PLUS products directly from ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic Light Sync without installing any extra lighting control software
  • SUPPORT ALL THERMALTKAE ADDRESSABLE LED PLUS PRODUCTS : Powerful enough to handle up to 9 addressable LED products
  • THERMALTAKE ADDRESSABLE LED PLUS PRODUCTS : Floe AIO Cooler, iRGB PLUS PSU, Ring PLUS/Pure PLUS Case Fan, W4 PLUS CPU Block, PR22 D5 PLUS Pump and Reservoir Combo, Lumi PLUS LED Strip and so on
  • CONVENIENT SATA POWER INPUT : Direct power from PSU ensures stability, reliability whilst preventing stray current
  • Maximum rated current of the SATA port is 5A. If connected with Riing TRIO Fan : Up to 4 Riing Trio fans while adding other PLUS series products; Up to 5 Ring Trio fans WITHOUT connecting other PLUS series products

CERRXIAN 12 Way ARGB Splitter 1 to 11 Ports 5V 3Pin RGB LED Splitter Hub with Double-Sided Adhesive (SATA)


  • 11 Ports ARGB HUB: The interface of main board ARGB(3PIN) can be increased to 11 to realize centralized control of many RGB light equipment.Note:This RGB Hub interface is 5V 3Pin, please check the interface before use it.NOT 12V!
  • SATA POWER: To avoid undersupply, the ARGB HUB is equipped with an additional SATA power supply so that it can maintain a stable output even at full load.
  • SPACE SAVING: It will save your space effectively and make the cable management easier, and make the inside case neat and tidy.
  • 3M MAGIC TAPE Fixed:Let put the position, installation operation becomes more flexible(Support screw fixation)
  • NOTE:Only Support5V/3Pin RGB Interface:This hub is only compatible with 3pin 5V addressable RGB headers or controllers. Not connect to 12V RGB components, making sure the arrows on connectors and headers line up.Through the motherboard control, the synchronized lighting can be consistent with other D-RGB products.

Looking for the ultimate list to buy argb transfer hub products

We’ve compiled a list of the best argb transfer hub products in each category for you to choose from. We hope that you find it helpful and we encourage you to add your own suggestions in the comments if there is anything else we should know about!

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MICRO CONNECTORS 3-Pin Addressable RGB (ARGB) 1 to 4 Splitter Cable – 30cm with Male Pins


  • Males Pins Included For Convenience
  • Flexible Pvc Material For Easy Routing In Tight Spaces
  • Lengths Range From 30 To 50Cm
  • Country Of Origin : China

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